How I style my entry table

Happy Monday! Today I took down my Christmas decorations and figured it would be the perfect time to show you how I style my personal entry way! A lot of the things were purchases before I took my jump into this new career path and are from Target, Hobby Lobby and Homegoods. I went ahead and added links to similar items that I think would be great or resemble the items I already have.

Step One:

Start with a clean slate. Move everything you currently have or are thinking about adding and start with nothing! I got this table about 3 years ago and painted it white over the summer. I decided to use this as my entry way table because of its height and shelves.;do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn

Step Two:

I found this super fun lamp at Ikea and added vases and pampas to give the entry way the boho vibes that I love.

Step Three:

Next I added a basket, blanket and some random nicknack items that I already had that I thought would combine well with the overall look.

Step Four:

To finish everything off, I added plants, pictures and other items to fill in the empty spaces but not overcrowd the area. I hope you have fun redesigning your entryway!

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